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Joy Greenwood

Founder & CEO

The same picture that once painted a thousand words can now garner a million clicks, and one wrong move can send a thriving business to the shadows.  Never has it been more important to make sure you get it right ~ the first time ~ and that time is right now.


Image Up Design is the culmination of over 30 years in business ~ from my first small independent newspaper that operated out of a two-car garage, through years of struggling to learn and excel in graphic design, to sleepless nights as I faced the devastating loss of all I had worked so hard to achieve.  Throughout it all, assisting other small business owners to enhance their image, build creditworthiness, and better defend against disaster has been a singular vision.

As a small independent business owner, I understand the passion and determination that is required to keep one's chin up, doors open, and reputation sound.  It isn't easy having your back against the wall of big business and tough competitors.  If you've already scratched and clawed your way this far, you obviously have what it takes to keep on fighting your way to greatness.  My goal is to help get you there — faster, safer, and wiser than the rest.


Whether you're building a strong business reputation or a solid commercial credit profile, you don't have the luxury of waiting until someone else figures it out or gets it right.  With years of training, experience, and knowledgeable insight, we can work with you, one-on-one, to get it right the first time — even if this isn't your first time.

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